The clean lines, stainless steel accents, and sleek designs of Columbia Cabinets are perfect for homes with a modern or contemporary aesthetic. With a wide range of styles and colors, your cabinetry can be customized to fit your taste and style.

With semi-custom cabinetry from Columbia Cabinets allows you to fit cabinetry to your space, which is the difference between your kitchen looking stunning, and your kitchen looking like it came out of a big box store.

Even if you’re not sure how to make the look of your kitchen come together, our expert cabinet designers at Browne’s Home Center can walk you through the design process. From concept to completion, they’ll be able to walk you through each step and help you to end up with a beautiful, and functional, kitchen.

Sharon SpanglerSharon Spangler

Cabinet Designer

Howard KliamovichHoward Kliamovich

Cabinet Designer

Sharon and Howard bring a lifetime of construction experience to their roles at Browne’s Home Center. Both have a history in the construction industry that not only taught them the importance of something being built well, but also that functionality is as important as design. It doesn’t matter how pretty something is; if it doesn’t work well it won’t be used. They’ve learned that, in a contractor’s day-to-day work, the contractor doesn’t have time to stay on top of the latest design trends – and that’s why their role in your project is so important.

Sharon and Howard’s goal when working with you through the design process is to create a kitchen of enduring usefulness and understated elegance, with an emphasis on enduring. They’ll take the time to talk with you about how you use your kitchen and what you hope to get out of your design. Things like whether you have pets, whether this is your primary or second home, or whether you’re planning to age in place in the home all come into play when they work on a designs a project with you. Sharon and Howard will take the time to get to know you and work through the different construction details and options for cabinet design and function. They will help you to create a space that is beautiful, inviting, and easy to work in; whether your kitchen will be used to prepare gourmet meals, the main room for entertaining in your home, or just a place for a quiet for a cup of coffee before starting your day.